Clara Oswald
Character information
Name Clara Oswald
Franchise Doctor Who
Gender Female
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Athaken Bike

Clara Oswald is one of the Fun Pack characters released with an Athaken Bike for the Doctor Who franchise.


Clara Oswald was born on 23 November 1986 in the Lancashire town of Blackpool. She first met the Eleventh Doctor as a young child when she accidentally kicked a ball into his head at a park. She loved to attend Sunday School, taught by a "nice lady teacher" in a small church room that smelt of oak polish and had felt-tip colouring on the walls. As a child, she liked travel books and science kits, but did not like hair products. Several years later, Clara met theEleventh Doctor again, when an earlier version of him was sad about not being able to locate Clara. He did not realize her identity, nor did she know that she herself was the "friend" for whom he was looking. She thought the idea of him finding his friend by destiny was "rubbish". As a child, she claimed she was always losing things: her "best pencil", her school bag, her gran and her "mojo", which she managed to get back. Whenever she would lose something, she'd go to a quiet place, close her eyes, then would find where she'd put it. The Doctor considered that he might follow her advice on this to find his friend, an idea she thought made sense.

Clara's mother, Ellie, told her that she "shouldn't talk to strange men", but she spoke to The Doctor regardless. Her worst fear as a child was getting lost. While on a bank holiday visit to Blackpool beach, her nightmares came true, but her mother eventually found her. Ellie comforted her by saying that she would always find her, wherever she was.




"Run you clever boy." Clara to The Doctor.

"Oh my stars!" Clara when riding Athaken Bike,