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There are three different main types of packs. Level packs contain a character, a vehicle, and a gadget. It also includes one in-game level to play. Team packs contain two characters, and two vehicles or gadgets. Fun packs contain a character and a vehicle.

Level Packs

Character Vehicle Gadget Level
Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Hedwig Cart A Wizarding Adventure
Steve Ender Dragon Creeper An Underground Adventure
Indiana Jones Motorbike Lost Ark An Adventure with Snakes
Johnny Thunder Hot Air Balloon Jeep An Adventure in the Sky
Fred Jones Mystery Plane Net Trap A Mysterious Adventure
Ethan Hunt Spy Car Climbing Gear An Undercover Adventure
Luke Skywalker Landspeeder Moisture Vaporator An Adventure in a Galaxy Far, Far, Away
Star-Lord Milano Radio An Adventure in Crime and Space
Young Anakin Pod Racer Naboo Starfighter An Adventure on a Desert Planet Far, Far, Away

Team Packs

Character Vehicle Character Vehicle
Leonardo Shellraiser Raphael T-Rawket
Woody RC Buzz Lightyear Buzz's Rocket
Maxwell Winged Bathtub Lily Lily's Globe
Skeleton Spider Zombie Undead Horse
Han Solo Millennium Falcon Chewbacca Wookie Gunship
Iron Man Hulkbuster Captain America Quinjet
C-3PO Sandcrawler R2-D2 Escape Pod
Emperor Star Destroyer Darth Vader Death Star