River Song
Character information
Name River Song
Franchise Doctor Who
Gender Female
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Pandorica
Weapons/Accessories Sonic Ray

River Song is one of the Fun Pack characters released with the Pandorica for the Doctor Who franchise.


Professor River Song is a time lord that is the daughter of Amy Pond and Rory Williams. She gave all her regeneration ability to save the doctor. She married the Doctor and is one of little people who knows his real name.


  • Sonar Smash
  • Silver Lego Blowup
  • Stealth
  • TARDIS Access
  • TARDIS Travel


"Hello, Sweetie." - River's 1st line when entering the game.

"Spoilers." - River's 2nd line when entering the game.

"You'll see me again when the Pandorica opens." - River's 1st line when leaving the game.

"I'm sorry, my love." - River's 2nd line when leaving the game.