Character information
Name Steve
Franchise Minecraft
Gender Male
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Minecart
Weapons/Accessories Pickaxe

Steve is one of the Level Pack characters released with a Minecart and a Creeper for the Minecraft franchise.


Steve is the default playable character from the game Minecraft developed by Mojang.


  • Minecraft Master Build
  • Underwater Swimming
  • Weapon Switch
    • Drill (Pickaxe)
    • Sword Switches (Sword)
    • Vine Cut (Axe)
    • Digging (Shovel)
    • Extra Hearts (Diamond Armor)
    • Silver Lego Blowup (TNT Block)
    • Target (Bow & Arrow)
    • Laser Deflection (Shield)
    • Illumination (Torch)
    • Plant Growth (Hoe)
    • Tracking (Map)
    • Glide (Elytra)
  • Potion Switch
    • Super Strength (Potion of Strength)
    • Super Speed (Potion of Swiftness)
    • Heart Regeneration (Potion of Durability)
    • Stealth (Potion of Invisibility)


  • Steve is one of two of the characters playable in Minecraft, the other one being Alex, who is also added in a Fun Pack.
  • Steve doesn't have any quotes because he has no voice in the game.
  • Steve’s movements mirror that of the character movements of Minecraft Story Mode.
  • When using his Weapon Switch ability, Steve takes out a crafting table. After the player chooses a weapon, he takes the weapon out from the table and puts the table away.