Character information
Name Vitruvius
Franchise The LEGO Movie
Gender Male
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Western Glider
Weapons/Accessories Staff

Vitruvius is one of the Fun Pack characters released with the Western Glider for the LEGO Movie franchise.


  • Magic
  • Silver LEGO Blowup
  • Illumination
  • Master Build
  • Mind Control
  • Regeneration (Ghost Vitruvius; similar to The Doctor)
    • Flight
    • Invulnerability


  • "Hello, everyone." - Vitruvius's first line when entering the game
  • "I am Vitruvius." - Vitruvius's second line when entering the game
  • "Your training begins now." - Vitruvius's third line when entering the game
  • "Aaaaaah!" - Vitruvius's first line when leaving the game
  • "Okay." - Vitruvius's second line when leaving the game
  • "Your training begins later!" - Vitruvius's third line when leaving the game
  • "I'm not hearing a lot of activity here." - Vitruvius's first line in the Vortex
  • "Why are my pants cold and wet?" - Vitruvius's second line in the Vortex


  • In The LEGO Movie, he was voiced by Morgan Freeman. Like Bad Cop, Archive Audio was used for him in LEGO Dimensions as Freeman was not available during the game's development.